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The Brief
Create an educational paper game about the Swiss Style movement for designers. The components of the project are: a booklet with information on the design movement, a paper game and packaging for all the contents.
Roles:  Ideation, Design, Photography & Art Direction
Year:  2020
Three stacked paper cubes of the Guess the Grotesk Game.

Guess the Grotesk

3D Game
brainstorm sketch for the guess the grotesk game
The Ideation
The target audience of the game is designers, so with that in mind, I thought of the identity of the movement and what it means to designers today. The Swiss style is known for its emphasis on grids, sans serif type and asymmetrical compositions. Their almost scientific approach to design was key in the way I set out to solve the challenge by having a structured design in the spirit of the style. The main element that stood out to me throughout my research was the large number of grotesk typefaces that emerged and were influenced by the movement. Who could ever tell them apart? And this very question sparked the idea.
The complete set of the guess the grotesque game. The packaging, the 3 paper cubes and the information booklet.A gif showing the spreads from the information booklet of the guess the grotesque game.3 open paper flexicubes of the guess the grotesque game.
The Solution
A game where one must identify the typeface by observing its unique traits. Using the model of a flexicube, which is a cube that can be opened to reveal hidden sides, the game showcases various grotesk typefaces while also representing characteristics of the Swiss Style. There are 3 cubes with different themes: the history of Helvetica, the classic Swiss typefaces and the modern grotesks. All of these cubes are stacked inside a tower shaped box.

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