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The Brief
Create a poster to promote the fictional concert of Montreal drone band Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Place des Arts who would be on tour for their album “Luciferian Towers”.
Roles:  Ideation, Design and Photography
Year:  2020
Poster design for Godspeed You! Black Emperor Concert.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Close up of corner of Godspeed You! Black Emperor Poster Design
The Ideation
The challenge was to find the right way to visually represent the music of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I needed to find the essence of their sound from their album “Luciferian Towers”, in order to translate the feeling of their music into a visual form. It is beautifully complex because it creates a dystopian ambiance and reflective soundscape for the listener. It is done in a very fragmented style where it builds up and is broken down and built upon again throughout the course of their songs. I needed to find a way to balance these grand moments that have lots of instruments playing compared to the melodically softer ones present in the album.
Poster design of Godspeed You! Black Emperor on a brick wallGodspeed You! Black Emperor Poster Design adapted for social media ads in a desktop and mobile format.
The Solution
The construction and deconstruction of sound was the driving force behind the concept of the design, which is a reflection of their unique fragmented and dystopian music. I represented this fragmentation by applying it to the typography and the visual of a distorted mirror while blending the two elements, as it is a key component in their style.

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