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The Brief
Create a poster to promote the online vernissage of the graduating graphic design students from Dawson College in 2021.
Role: Design
Year: 2021
Poster for a student graphic design vernissage.

Graphic Design Vernissage

typography display that says Dawson College Graphic Design Vernissage and the color palette of the poster.
The Ideation
I considered all the factors that are indicative to our year and group. Our vernissage is online, therefore there’s an opportunity to use colors in RGB that could never be printed. I thought about how the year 2021, is made up of consecutive numbers and how our class is moving onto the next step in our careers no matter if the paths we take are different. I liked this idea of progression so I considered ways to represent it, while celebrating graphic design.
tiled poster for a graphic design vernissage.Poster design for a graphic design student vernissage.
The Solution
Using 18, 19, 20 and 21, which are the years our group has been in the program, the final poster is both a celebration of our group’s time at Dawson and of the future ahead of us! I chose to showcase the idea of progression with the years and further emphasize it with the increase in weight of the typeface, using the least condensed weight to make our year 21 stand out the most. I chose this blue specifically because it represents hope and of course to take advantage of the fact that the RGB spectrum could be used this year for its dazzlingly bright hues.

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