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The Brief
Divine Essence is an essential oil company that wants to share their knowledge of the power of aromatherapy with the world. They sell a variety of products including oils, sprays and a range of blends for different moods. They want to start selling curated seasonal kits that tailor to specific needs relevant to each season, which can be delivered to customers’ doors. Create a box to safely fit all the products for the Fall kit along with labels for 4 products and a guide with information about their usage.
Roles:  Ideation, Design, Photography & Art Direction
Year:  2020
A close up of a label on a box that says "Relaxation awaits you with Divine Essence".

Divine Essence Fall Kit

An instruction sheet of the products with the outlines of the bottles.
The Ideation
The Fall kit is filled with products to ease anxiety, stress and insomnia to ultimately help the customer sleep and feel relaxed. With that in mind, I thought of ways to convey the sense of relaxation through the design and which visual would be ideal for the products. A core principle of the brand is sustainability, so the way I wanted to make the packaging sustainable was by using the least amount of material necessary and choosing elements that could be recycled or reused. With that in mind, Divine Essence as a brand really cares about the ingredients of their aromatherapy products and puts emphasis on scouring the earth to find the best sources.
a gif showing the unboxing of the box itself.four fictional divine essence products on a white backgroundThe flat label designs of all the products.
The Solution
With the amount of care they put into their ingredients I thought it would be fiting to highlight them in their packaging. I went with a sophisticated approach to reflect the high quality of their ingredients. Each product has the outlines of their key ingredients such as eucalyptus for the Refresh spray, chamomile for the sleeping capsules, green tea leaves for the Focus tea and sandalwood for the Unwind oil blend to de-stress. I chose muted cool tones to echo the sense of relaxation that the products are used for. The entire box as well as the information insert and stabilizers are made of cardboard so they can be recycled easily.

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